Wensdy Whitehead

Biography: A folder since age 4, Wensdy Whitehead was born on June 24, 1971, and lived until May 7, 2023.  As a Cornell University graduate, she was raised in Michigan and lived in the Boston area most of her adult life.  She was a veteran and entrepreneur with a specialty in origami and computer science.  She had a fun sense of humor filled with folded puns.  Wensdy was a smart intellectual caring person.

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Wensdy Whitehead's Gallery

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E-Books:  Heart Transplant Origami - UnfinishedStarry Space | Not Quite Traditional Origami

Shovel Folding: Shovel Folding AbstractShovel Folding Information

Card Suit Dishes: Club Dish | Diamond Dish | Heart Dish | Spade Dish

Fauna: Barn SwallowFish | Flapping Hummingbird | Flutterby | Gabby Guppy | Simple Crab | Spider (1x4)Swan Dish

Flora: Acorn | Acorn SquashCactusCactus Pencil Topper | Long-Stemmed Rose | PumpkinSugar PumpkinTulip

Heart Transplant Technique - Grafted Hearts: Heartfelt CraneHeart Letter Folds | Heart Shuriken | Heart StarHeart Star Dish | Heart StartsHeart Swan | Wingbeat of my Heart | Heart-Foot PajaritaLove BugMy Heart Soars | One Fold Heart | Spot: Puppy Love II | Shamrock Star Dish | Shamrock Star Dish Minus the Dish

Letters: EOS

Modulars: Double Heart CubeFlutterby Cube | Heart-to-Heart Cube | Iris | Piebald Pinwheel | Solid 3-4-5 Unit | Spinning Triangle | Starry Space

Numbers: American SevenClosed FourComputer Zero | Eight Infinity | European One | European SevenFive | Four | One | Pi | Gridding Dollars | Relative Paper SizesSix Nine | Thirteen | ThreeTwoTwo with LoopZero

Other Symbols: CapricornCartoon BombDreidel for Lisa | Glass Half Full | Heart 2 HeartPuppy LoveRadiation Symbol | Shamrock | Shamrock Condensed | Shot Through the Heart | Stick Figure | Pikipek (Pokemon)

Planet Symbols: Jupiter | MarsMercury | PlutoSaturn | Venus

Origami States of America: AlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareFloridaGeorgiaHawaiiIdaho | IllinoisIndianaIowa | KansasKentuckyLouisianaMaineMarylandWyoming

Storigami: Basketball Hoop StoryButterfly SquareButterfly StoryFlapping Butterfly StoryFlapping Hummingbird Story | Gabby Guppy Story | Pajarita StoryTraditional Jumping Frog | Traditional Water Bomb

Tools & Such: Adze | Anchor | Crayon | HoeHot Air Balloon | Sawhorse | Spade | Stop Sign Lollipop | Wooden Spool

Useful Items: Biz Card Case | Locking Tato Box | $ Paper-Clip Tray | Shallow DishYet Another Fancy Dish

Variations on Traditional: AbsoLiltly | Cicada on Leaf | Diamond Heart Crane | Wings of Love | Crane Star Dish | Crane with Aura | Crested Crane | Flapping Bird Wearing a Crane Costume | Longwinged Cicada | Starburst Dish | Supernova Dish

Words: BooFold (1x2)

Hand-Drawn Diagrammed Models

Diagrams Title List... psssst: Pottergami, Origami States of America, crane variations, tool series, and more origami!!! Available upon request.

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