Oriol Esteve Gracia - Spain

Believe in the social power of origami. Like to share by free models and designs, except when I'm working with an editor. Don't need great talent to design: imagination can compensate a lack of technique. "Kami" is my God 😉

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Born in Barcelona, 1972. Started to fold since child, very fond of traditional origami. In 2013, with Enrique Martinez and Joel Garcia Moix, created the OAS (Origami Always Succeed), a quick creative origami group for social challenges in public places. With OAS, started to design own origami models. Designs usually published in "La pajarita" (Spanish origami association). Also in convention books like Tanteidan, Origami USA or collections books like Drawing Origami 2. Interested in intermediate level models. Animals of the wood and jungle. Expression before realism.