Lisa B. Corfman - Massachusetts, USA

I am a mixed-media artist centering all my art on origami.  I have always been an artist, but as I started my career, I discovered origami to be a cute and sophisticated focus.  It is like me, sometimes complex, sometime simple, but always creative.

Most of my models are folded to end flat, and all are flat of those I designed.  I do this to make them frame-able and easy to store.  Some are mounted on cards, some are decorations on rocks with poems about them and some are parts of jewelry.  Depictions are put into charcoal drawing and acrylic paintings with creative backgrounds.  Most have my hand-drawn diagrams, teaching the step-by-step folding instructions.  Those are some of my featured products.

I aim to float your boat at each, and every origami place (or not so origami place).

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Born and raised in the Boston area, Lisa B. Corfman works as a mixed-media origami artist, with origami (paperfolding art) serving as the connection between multiple mediums.

In 2004, Lisa graduated with a BFA from Endicott College in Beverly, MA.  There she took a full range of art classes from studio arts, to education, graphic design, and art therapy.

At Endicott, Lisa studied under Professor Barbara Burgess-Maier and refined her drawing skills, becoming proficient at charcoal drawing.  Burgess-Maier said “Draw what you love,” so the charcoal drawing of origami series was born.  Lisa became a poet under Professor Dan Sklar.  To Sklar’s advice “Write anything,” she did.  Lisa began crafting poetry on subjects important to her, including origami.  The interest in origami grew on her, and today all of Lisa’s art forms revolve around origami.

In May 2014 she attained her Advanced Certificate in Marketing in New York.  This training helped Lisa strengthen her business skills including the act of developing and building her website, today as, which lists Lisa’s retail locations, options for taking a workshop, classes, running a party, exhibitions, and Lisa’s origami shop.

At Origami Place, we make, sell, teach and showcase origami arts embracing paper’s wonders. We strive to bring the excitement of origami to all, and for everyone to find ways to grow, achieve and enjoy our origami goods and services.  Discover paperfolding, materials galore!