Memorial Gallery

There are many extraordinary folders that are not longer with us who have made a mark.

The national organization for origami in America, known as OrigamiUSA memorializes a number these on the OrigamiUSA memoriam page.  View more as commemorations of origami professionals at British Origami Society's Rest In Peace page.  We Honor:

Mark Kennedy (1950-2018)

Loving husband of Arlene Gorchov, origami volunteer, artist, maker, and educator, Mark was a humorous vendor of his functional, durable origami and one of the earlier members of OrigamiUSA.  View the OrigamiUSA Memoriam dedication to Mark Kennedy.

Laura Kruskal (1923-2019)

The late daughter-in-law of Lillian Oppenheimer (who popularized origami in America).  Laura taught well with a fun and caring spirit.  She is best known for her origami crowns that you can fold and read all about.  She is missed!

Wensdy Whitehead (1971-2023)

Wensdy was an origami creator extraordinaire!  She started folding at age 4 years old and never stopped.  She invented:

View Wensdy Whitehead's amazing work and learn all about it.  With diagrams, fold, fold, fold!!!!!

Honor an Origamist

If you would like to memorialize an Origamist no longer with us, please email Lisa B. Corfman at