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I believe origami is a vanguard art able not only to transform paper but mind, heart and hand as well. So as I transform paper, this process changes me and leaves a trace within me as much as in the paper. But the dialogue is never just the two of us. It includes the people and events that touched my soul and those I hope to move or inspire. There are many modern origami artists I draw my inspiration from, yet I shall sum up all that influence into one name that inspired us all: Akira Yoshizawa Sensei.


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Sanja majored in English language and literature, learning German and Scandinavian languages as well.  Translating and teaching opened numerous new realms for her.  And the one pursued with most passion in the last two decades was paperfolding.  With the raise of the Internet, a new bright star rose on the horizon – the modern origami art.  It was a marvelous new language to learn, so Sanja tried various folding styles and techniques, eager to learn from the vanguard masters of the paper form.  Inspired by the Hangar-7 exhibition, Sanja set to organize the first Croatian origami art exhibition with international origami masters, aided by several renowned artists from BOS and OUSA.  After the Krapina City Gallery exhibition, her new challenge was to translate origami into worldviews of various people and professions.  This proved a great inspiration for her own origami creations and incited her blogging on Origami Art Novosti.  Her origami design was commissioned by a Zagreb city theater, design agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey and Archaeological Museum Zadar.  Numerous workshops and exhibitions for the Japanese Embassy, Croatian cultural institutions and festivals helped in building Croatian Origami Society - HOD, the first origami society in the SE Europe.  Sanja is President of the HOD, a member of the BOS, the OUSA and the Community for Creators of Origami.  Exhibited at Croatian and international art shows such as NIA UK and EMOZ Zaragoza, Spain.  Her motto is "If I put love in what I do, it changes me and the person I give it to."