Maynard Folds Contest Gallery

This is the Maynard Folds virtual origami exhibition contest selection 2021.  The contest was sponsored by the Maynard Cultural Council, OrigamiUSA and the Witman-Polk family.  Read about the jurors at the bottom.

Watch the Maynard Folds Zoom Gala (the password is 7Bu@a%f+) that occurred on Sunday, November 7, 2021, 7-7:45pm.  The reception began with a welcome and a tour of the grant work.  We then presented awards and led a general origami museum tour.  The evening concluded with thanks, and Q&A.

See the Action Unlimited press release.

Adult Content Exhibitors

Child Content Exhibitors

Participant Profiles

Well done EVERYONE! 

Here is a picture of the contestants at the award gifting event on October 24, 2021.  Top left to right: James Michael Williams, Julia Bloom, Nicholas Lawrence, Lisa B. Corfman (contest host), Laura Fredericks and Debbie Simon.  Bottom left to right: Seraiah W.-P. (Tenzin, a contestant's sister), Tenzin W.-P., Enzo T., Isla T., and Nishan G.  Not everyone was there.


General Participants: Gifts - Thank you letter.  A certificate on participation.  Origami information. Origami book diagrams & special book paper, an origami paper pack.


  • Julia Bloom, Arlington.  Model: Ninja Star | Creator: Traditional. Model Info: Green and black kami, 2 sheets, 8/30/2021. Statement: The Ninja Star is folded with green and black paper to represent a character in the show Kamen Rider Saber, who has a similar color scheme and ninja like abilities.  It represents his journey over the series to get stronger and improve his skills.  Thanks!
  • Laura Fredericks, Maynard. Model: Bird | Creator: Makoto Yamaguchi. Model Info: 6in magenta kami, 1 sheet, 9/4/2021.  Thanks!
  • James Michael Williams, Concord. Model: Pin Wheel | Creator: Traditional. 9/4/2021. Statement: This is my first time back to folding origami and I found the pinwheel model to mostly be a straightforward one to fold.  It was interesting and fun.  I folded three of them.  My friend Lisa B. Corfman who handled the event, told me about it.  Thanks!
  • Anonymous, Acton. Model: Star of David | Creator: Unknown. 9/4/2021.  Thanks!


  • Jacob C. M. (Jake), Arlington, age 6.  Model: Yellow Guy | Creator: Derived for traditional with personal touches.  Model Info: 6in yellow kami, 1 sheet.  Statement: Jake loves doing origami (now, especially Baby Yoda), drawing, baseball, and his family, especially younger sister Julia.  Thanks!
  • Isla T., Maynard, age 8.  Model: Piano | Creator: Traditional. Model Info: 6in marble/magenta kami.  Thanks!

Honorable Mention Participants: Gifts - Thank you letter.  A certificate on honorable participation.  Origami information. Origami book diagrams & special book paper, an origami paper pack.


  • Anonymous, Acton. Model: $ Ox | Creator: Wei Lin Chen. 1 US dollar bill, 2/2021.  Thanks!
  • Mei-Lin Po, Framingham. Model: Kabuto (Samarai Warrier Hat) | Creator: Traditional. Model Info: Blue 6in kami, 9/4/2021.  Thanks!


  • Tenzin W.-P., Maynard, age 9.  Model: Skewb Cube | Creator: Jeromy Shaffer.  Model Info: 14 squares sheets of kami, modular tessellation.  Thanks!
  • Nishan G., Maynard, age 9. Model: Blue Shark | Creator: John Montroll.Model Info: Light blue kami.  Thanks!
  • Elena W., Westford, age: 14.  Model: Prize Ribbon | Creator: Self.  Model Info: 8.5x11in copy paper. Model: 6x5in., 1 sheet. Conceived May 2020.  Folded 7/26/2021.  Statement: I have been doing origami since I was 6, back when the only paper available was construction and copy paper and I had to cut my own squares.  Since my squares weren’t cut well and because copy paper and construction paper are too thick for origami, my creations often turned out poorly.  Fortunately, I now have 6*6 square kami and the skills to cut decent squares if I ever need to do origami in a square.  However, it is because of my early experience with origami that has influenced my own designs.  I try tgb  o make my designs out of 8.5”*11” copy paper for this reason, as I want others who don’t have origami paper to not have to go through the same hassle I did.  I also like to do origami on Post-It notes, as I have an abundance of them and I like how the models turn out as miniature versions.  I always do origami with passion, I fold each crease carefully, as I believe that is the key to creating a masterpiece.  Other Notes: The model is an origami prize ribbon.  It features 2 ribbon tails, a ribbon face, and a flap on the back for easy hanging/nailing/taping/etc.  The ribbon face in this piece was folded to resemble a bow while also leaving enough surface space to write the achievement, but the ribbon face can also be customized to be folded as a square, pentagon, diamond, and many more (all with enough surface space to write the achievement).  The model dimensions can be manipulated to taste by using different dimensions of rectangles, though I find that 8.5”*11” (letter) paper works best.  Thanks!
  • Owen M. T., Hudson, age 8.  Model: Circus Tent | Creator: Self.  Thanks!

Two Top Merit Participants: Gifts - Thank you letter.  A certificate as merit winner.  An award for an OrigamiUSA membership.  Origami information. Origami book diagrams & special book paper, an origami paper pack.


  • Nicholas Lawrence, Maynard.  Model: Little Turtle (Kusadama Unit Origami) | Creator: Tomoko Fuse.  Model Info: 30 modular pieces of 4in paper, student origami paper, early September 2021.  Thanks!


  • Enzo T., Maynard, age 10. Model: Turtle | Creator: Marc Vigo.  Model Info: 6in square duo kraft. 8/15/2021, Style: Classic. Model Source: YouTube. Statement: I made this turtle because I love turtles.  They are my spirit animal.  This is my greatest fold.  Other Notes:  Here is my YouTube origami instructional channelThanks!

About the Jurors

Lisa B. Corfman: An origami inspired artist, Lisa B. Corfman’s art was at her heart since pre-school, and she was encouraged to create by family and friends.  Always an artist, the visual arts of all types are her greatest strength.  When Lisa tried origami as a child, it was a little hard for her; however, time changed that and now origami thrives in her.  In 2001, during her undergraduate work, with an interest in art education and art therapy, Lisa began folding origami – origami lies in her soul.  Lisa obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2004.  In 2006, Lisa joined OrigamiUSA.  She obtained an Advanced Marketing Certificate in 2014.  Lisa owns the sole proprietorship Origami Place,, making, selling, teaching, and showcasing origami inspired arts.  Lisa values the origami community and is the president and founder of the Origami Museum project located at, housing this contest.  She says “Fold!”

Susan Dugan: Like generations of children before, Susan Dugan folded fortunetellers and water bombs.  As an adult, Susan picked up a 36-piece Kusudama kit at the Japanese Pavilion at Epcot Center.  Unfortunately, the instructions were in Japanese.  Susan made it to step 13 and could not figure out the next step, she went back to the Japanese Pavilion, and they translated "unfold everything you have done to the step and turn it over and re-fold" WHAT???  That was over 40 years ago, and Susan has been folding ever since.  In 1974 Susan joined the "Friends of Origami Center of America" (which became Origami USA), AND they had conventions!  Susan has been actively involved ever since.  Susan has earned a bachelor's degree in Art and Biology and a Master of Media Arts from the University of SC.  She has taught photography and desktop publishing for 33 years at Benedict College.  Along with origami, Susan enjoys traveling, and horseback riding.

Ruthanne Bessman: Origami artist and instructor Ruthanne Bessman is a former board member of OrigamiUSA and has taught origami since 1987.  Bessman was the featured artist at the grand opening of the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin where she taught and produced a large citizen involved work now on permanent display.  She has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout Wisconsin and received grants to teach origami to children at the University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital.  Bessman chaired the OrigamiUSA Origami by Children exhibition for eight years.  She credits the inspiration for her work to “my association with the first giants of origami in America – Lillian Oppenheimer, Alice Gray and Michael Shall, and from Japan – Toshie Takahama, recognized as an early expert in the art of paper folding.”