Zelimir Zlatic - Croatia

Some of my work was made from one piece of paper from hexagonic base withclassic tesselation technique. Last few months, I experiment with a model who was made from one piece of paper with combination of classic tessellation, pleat and corrugation techniques to try to get some new form.

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Zelimir Zlatic is a chemical technician from Zagreb, Croatia. His first introduction with origami was in the mid-1980's, through a book by Dragutin Gerić “Origami - the art of paper folding“. After few decades of practicing classical origami he discovered an origami book that opened the door towards modern paperfolding, Origami Tessellation: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs. Playing with folded pleats he discovered new forms to use them later as rhythmically repeated motifs or tessellation molecules.

In 2010s, after a period of learning and interpreting other authors’ ideas, Zlatic took courage and started to develop his ideas to create his own designs.

Since 2015, he became a member of Croatian origami society (Hrvatsko origami društvo) and since 2017 a member of American association OrigamiUSA.

In last 2 years he was an author on exhibitions held in Croatia, in the city of Samobor, Rijeka and Zagreb. Zlatic was a demonstrator on Origami workshops organized for kids in Narodno Sveučilište Sesvete, Zagreb and a participant in manifestations of popularization of science called Znanstveni piknik in Zagreb and Rijeka and Open day of Institute Ruđer Bošković, a manifestation organized in Institute Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb. Zlatic was also a participant in manifestation Days of Japanese culture held in Zagreb and in 40th International Book Fair and Teaching School called Interliber in Zagreb.